Clients have a lot of choices who they hire as their attorney and clients should expect their attorney to be competent.  What makes our law firm truly stand out is our commitment to CLIENT SERVICE

​If I undertake to represent you, I promise to ALWAYS:

  1. Respond to your questions, concerns, and requests PROMPTLY;

  2. Treat you not simply as someone to bill but as an ACTUAL HUMAN BEING who has entrusted me to represent them and advocate on their behalf; and

  3. Go ABOVE AND BEYOND what is required to advocate on your behalf.

The following principles guide me whenever I agree to represent a client:


I am always 100% honest with my clients and potential clients.  Even before agreeing to represent someone, I am certain to provide them with information regarding:

  • My experience and expertise on the matter;

  • My rate;

  • My availability;

  • Who I may consult;

  • Any foreseeable costs and expenses; and

  • The scope of representation.​


I acknowledge the fact that my clients depend on me.  For me, this includes always being available to discuss the case with my client.  If I agree to undertake representing a client, I will make a solemn promise to make myself available throughout the course of representation.  I see my the client lawyer relationship is not simply a professional one, but also a deeply personal one.  My primary goal is to win, but I also try to make the process a comfortable one by showing them that I have their back and that I will not rest until my client obtains the result they desire.



Once I agree to represent an individual on a particular case, I try to make sure to meet the client in person as soon as possible to explain all of the relevant legal issues in such a way as to ensure that my client understands the law and how the law applies to their particular circumstances.  This allows my client to make informed decisions.  After, I discuss with my client the potential consequences for various possible courses of action and then, based on my opinion, the likelihood of success for each or other recommendations and advice depending on the client's particular goals.  I believe it is important to explain everything openly and never sugarcoat the facts with my clients so that they are fully aware of their whole situation and therefore are equipped to make the best decisions.


Please note that the submission of a contact form, or other use of this website, does not create an attorney-client relationship.  As a prospective client, however, communications are protected even if you do not retain our law firm.

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